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The Cosmic Outreach Program encapsulates our efforts to accomplish our goal.  Through the virtual observing service iTelescope, members around the world can participate in astrophotography projects. Shown below is a gallery of images that our members have taken.

Join our speaker series via zoom: TBD

Our Photos


Astrophotography Opportunities

Students can study the basics of equatorial coordinates, a coordinate system utilized by astronomers to track cosmic objects. They can then apply this knowledge by finding the astronomical coordinates of objects they would like to observe and then input them into the iTelescope interface which then produces images. From these images, students can then learn how to combine red, green, and blue photos to create a composite color image with the software AstroImageJ. All costs of this process are covered by our organization.


Content Creation and Speaker Events

Our program also allows students to learn and create content in physics and astronomy. Informative meetings discuss topics such as current events in the world of astronomy, such as the James Webb Telescope images, along with astronomical events, such as solar and lunar eclipses. Members have also had to opportunity to create their own content by hosting speaker series with guests such as Professor Dave Farina, Professor Avi Loeb, and Athena Brensburger. 


Tutoring Services (Select Branches)

In select branches, we offer general tutoring services to help students pursue their academic interests. Currently, this service is offered at the Oxford Academy and Cypress High School branches. For both, all science subjects have qualified tutors along with many other subjects as well.


Equipment Distribution

Upon request, branches will receive the equipment necessary for their projects concerning science outreach. Examples of some equipment include telescopes, telescope filters, and more.


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