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Static Electricity

Moving Can Experiment


  • Empty Metal Can

  • Plastic Rod (Ruler, pipe, comb, etc)

  • Fabric Cloth 



  • Repeatedly rub the plastic rod with the cloth, creating static electricity

  • Set the can down horizontally on a flat surface, such as a table

  • Now, moving the metal can with the plastic rod, using static electricity will be possible



  • Static electricity comes from the friction between 2 objects

  • The electricity is more specifically caused by electron transfer

    • For example, object A is more electronegative and object B is more electropositive

    • After coming into contact together, object A will become negatively charged and B will become positively charged

  • After the rod is exposed to the fabric, it gains the same charge as the metal can causing repulsion and the can’s movement

Source: Woodford, C. (2021, May 17). Static Electricity. Explain That Stuff!. www.explainthatstuff .com/how-static-electricity-works.html

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